Zayande-rud (The motherly river), for string orchestra

Zayande-rud (The motherly river)

Zayande Rud was inspired by the Iranian river by the same name, whose name means giving birth. This can also be translated as
the motherly river. The river is in my hometown, the ancient city of Isfahan. Isfahan, one of the oldest cities in Iran, was built
around the river c. 400 AD during the Sasanid Empire, though the area is thought to have been settled centuries earlier.
This piece was composed during the drying period of the river starting in 2000, however, the Zayanda Rud began to experience
periods of drying, with each one lasting longer and longer. fortunately, the river is alive again today.
I’ve composed this piece in a very depressed mood concerning the fate of the river and it conveys that feeling of individual and
communal loss. in the last section, I’ve imagined the ghost of the river trying to get back to life without success. But, in the end,
there is a glimpse of hope in the piece.
The story of the Zayande-rud river reminds me how much we take many things for granted, one of them is our environment.,
We assume it’s always there, it’s always functioning until we lose it.
approximate duration: 7 minutes

First professional performance by Windsor Symphony Orchestra conducted by Daniel Wiley, Capitol theater, Windsor, Canada, 2019


Approximately 7 minutes

String Orchestra