Fantasia on one note

Fantasia on one note

World premier of Fantasia on one note-1

In this piece, I tried to go through a journey from darkness to light, but with one note as the backbone of all the journey, B natural. The piece started with a long melody with little developmental capacity but tried to reach a dramatic height with that material and after a crashing dissonance, gradually came the light, with a new melody that and peacefully as the piece begins, with the note, B natural. This note sounds throughout the piece, hence the name of the piece, Fantasia on one note.

The piece received its world premiere by the great Pianist, Peter Jablonski in the Karlskrona International Piano Festival, and it’s dedicated to him..

First performance by Peter Jablonski, Karlskrona International Piano Festival, Sweden,2019


Approximately 7 minutes

Sound Recording
Sequoia Sounds
Piano Solo