Atolyier picture of Farhad Poupel

Announcement of Piano Trio

Farhad Poupel is starting to write a piano trio, will have its world premiere by Tier 3 Trio, the French premiere by Chambord trio, and the Australian premiere by Rock-paper-scissors…

Atolyier picture of Farhad Poupel-4

Artist’s voice-Farhad Poupel

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Atolyier picture of Farhad Poupel

Meet the artist interview

“Being a classical composer in Iran is already quite challenging since I have so many obstacles in my path and also so many uncertainties about my future, making it pretty…

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Road to Bach

Road to Bach pre-concert Live

Announcement of the world premier of commissioned project, The Legend of Bijan and Manijeh

The Windsor Symphony orchestra announced that they will; be the world-premier orchestra of the consortium commission project, the legend of Bijan and Manije, for PianoChoir and orchestra. The piece is…